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  • Funny Games

    by Clerks2 05-06-2008
    Lost: LOST meets the Funny Games trailer... a creepy trailer for the show.
    Funny Games
  • The Gun Show

    by Clerks2 05-05-2008
    Lost: A Tribute to all of the scenes that feature guns or SHOOTING guns.
    The Gun Show
  • Charlie Tribute RIP

    by Clerks2 11-28-2007
    Lost: As Charlie spends his last few moments alive, he remembers yesterday, and all of the moments he's shared with his friends.
    Charlie Tribute RIP
  • LOST: Hide and Seek, The Summary!

    by Clerks2 08-14-2007
    Lost: LOST, a summary of what's happened, each verse = each season, chorus = finales
    LOST: Hide and Seek, The Summary!
  • LOST: Movie Preview

    by Clerks2 08-03-2007
    Lost: A Lost Trailer, as if it were a movie.
    LOST: Movie Preview
  • Requiem for a LOST

    by Clerks2 02-22-2007
    Lost: A tightly edited LOST video to the theme song from Requiem For a Dream - Lux Aterna -, featuring many different types of filters and transitions.
    Requiem for a LOST
  • She Will Be Loved- The Tragedy

    by Clerks2 07-20-2006
    Lost: Tragic love song to She Will Be Loved. How all of the relationships started out with such potential but they all ended with death or sorrow. Depressing sad and tragic
    She Will Be Loved- The Tragedy
  • LOST Trailer X-Men Song

    by Clerks2 06-21-2006
    Lost: LOST Music Trailer to X-Men song from preview. FIRST VIDEO!
    LOST Trailer X-Men Song
1-8 of 8 Videos 1