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  • Goodbye My Lover

    by Bloomsgrl18 11-10-2006
    Lost: Jack sees Kate with Sawyer ans realizes that they are over. He has to say Goodbye to his Lover.
    Goodbye My Lover
  • Another You

    by Bloomsgrl18 10-10-2006
    Lost: Jack and Sarah's marriage is falling to pieces. Jack knows he has to let go and find another love a.k.a. Kate
    Another You
  • Guilty

    by Bloomsgrl18 10-05-2006
    Lost: An AU, sort of. Kate is killed by the Others and Jack feels guilty about her death. He is still in pain and morning. He looks back on their relationship and his future without her.
  • Without You Here

    by Bloomsgrl18 10-03-2006
    Lost: Jate vid from Jacks' POV. Jack sees nothing but Kate when she's near.
    Without You Here
  • Slow Dancing

    by Bloomsgrl18 10-03-2006
    Lost: Jate's relationship is falling apart because of Kate's lies.
    Slow Dancing
  • On Fire

    by Bloomsgrl18 10-02-2006
    Lost: Jack and Kate are on fire when they are near each other
    On Fire
1-6 of 6 Videos 1