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Username: BethJill
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Other Fandoms: Skins, Roswell, Doctor Who, Fight Club, Brick
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  • Aaron Littleton

    by BethJill 04-26-2011
    Lost: Kate and Claire return home to raise their son, but nothing is ever that simple. (full description on youtube)
    Aaron Littleton
  • palindrome

    by BethJill 10-24-2010
    Lost: au video about how jack and claire could have been the new jacob and man in black. full description on youtube.
  • Bloodstream

    by BethJill 06-01-2010
    Lost/Criminal Minds: When young couple Claire Littleton and Spencer Reid find themselves pregnant, all of their dormant issues threaten to tear them apart. (full desc. on youtube)
  • Just for a Moment

    by BethJill 04-07-2010
    Lost: How amazing was Charlie's speech? I pretty much melted. And I know there will be plenty of other people wanting to vid it, but I wanted to do one anyway.6x11 Spoilers!
    Just for a Moment
1-4 of 4 Videos 1