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BA5763 (Pinched Circulation)

Username: BA5763
Alternate Name: Pinched Circulation
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  • Locke and Key: Extended Cut

    by BA5763 06-08-2005
    Lost: The full version of the May Contest Entry of the same title. Mason is a grim reaper and his latest assignment is to collect the soul of... John Locke?
    Locke and Key: Extended Cut
  • Locke and Key

    by BA5763 05-30-2005
    Lost: May 2005 contest 3rd place winner! Crossover with Dead Like Me; Mason's latest reap is none other than Locke! (WARNING!!! Contains drug reference and strong language, watch at own risk!)
    Locke and Key
  • Shannon's Lament

    by BA5763 05-26-2005
    Lost: As the fallen Boone is given his last rites, Shannon mourns the loss of her stepbrother/companion, and recalls the events of their ssordid past. Thay not all be happy memories, but at least she has memories
    Shannon's Lament
  • Michael the Builder

    by BA5763 03-30-2005
    Lost: Michael has a knack for building things... like the raft and... and... um... the raft. Who am I kidding... this is a short little funny vid-let tying LOST to Bob the Builder.
    Michael the Builder
  • Particle Man

    by BA5763 03-13-2005
    Lost: Cute little Homage to 4 of the men from Lost: Jack, AKA Particle Man; Sawyer, AKA Triangle Man; Hurley, AKA Universe Man; and Charlie, AKA Person Man. You'll understand when you watch...
    Particle Man
  • Priceless Moment 1

    by BA5763 02-06-2005
    Lost: An homage to a familiar credit card commercial. Hilarious!
    Priceless Moment 1
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