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Bio: I love film traveling adventure sports lost and harry potter among other things.

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  • Innocence

    by Ash13 05-09-2007
    Lost: Life on the island is a second for which Kate is very grateful, but is herrelationship with Sawyer damaging things?
  • Black Horse and a Cherry Tree

    by Ash13 04-20-2007
    Lost: Exploring Kate's issues with relationships (I have just discovered a What Kate Did video with the same song, but I'm going to put this up anyway because my video covers a few other Kate scenes too). The video isn't too serious and I was just experimentig
    Black Horse and a Cherry Tree
  • El Tango de Kate

    by Ash13 02-23-2007
    Lost: My first AU vid: Kate is a prostitute who's stuck with Sawyer, who is violent and cruel towards her. Jack really likes her and the friendship they have develops into a secret affair, thought Kate is still unpredictable and wild. When Sawyer finds out thin
    El Tango de Kate
  • Desperado

    by Ash13 02-06-2007
    Lost: Sawyer's rough side can get in the way of his relationship with Kate...
  • On Your Shore

    by Ash13 01-28-2007
    Lost: A look into how Kate's past effects her relationship with Jack
    On Your Shore
1-5 of 5 Videos 1