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Username: Aruna7
Vidder Rank: Novice Vidder
Other Fandoms: 24, Battlestar Galactica, Bionic Woman, Clara Sheller, Dark Angel, David Nolande, Desperate Housewiv
Website: www.beyondhope-aruna7.com
Email: nana_fleur_de_ren@yahoo.frLVI
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Bio: Multifandom vidder (TV, movies, AU or original series). I've been vidding since August 2005, and lately reached my 200th vid. The LOST muse seems to slowly come back.

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  • I hope you re safe tonight

    by Aruna7 06-22-2006
    Lost: Kate mourns the loss of her first love Tom who died because of her and she just cant forgive herself.
    I hope you re safe tonight
  • When tomorrow comes

    by Aruna7 05-21-2006
    Lost: Sayid is Shannon s touchstone on the island. Season 1 centric.
    When tomorrow comes
  • Only Time

    by Aruna7 12-09-2005
    Lost: Only time will tell us about the future of these persons...
    Only Time
  • Hey!

    by Aruna7 12-01-2005
    Lost: Shippy video about a great couple
1-4 of 4 Videos 1