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Username: Apple
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Other Fandoms: Prison Break
Email: origamirose@hotmail.co.ukLVI
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Bio: Uhmm nothing much to say... I live in the UK, love vidding and making graphics. I ship Jate, but I'm open-minded about Skate, Jacket etc. I hope my vids improve as I make them, comments and votes are really appreciated. That's about it I think.

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  • 9 Crimes

    by Apple 06-21-2007
    Lost: AU. Jack/Juliet are married, as are Sawyer/Kate. But then Juliet starts thinking about and even imagining Sawyer, and Sawyer likewise. So they start an affair and in time, tell Jack/Kate about it. Kate goes boom boom on them and there's a happy ending...
    9 Crimes
  • Heroes

    by Apple 06-15-2007
    Lost: Vid about Charlie and his life.
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