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Ana B (Ana)

Username: Ana B
Alternate Name: Ana
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Ana B's Videos

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  • For Your Soul

    by Ana B 02-11-2006
    Lost: February 2006 contest submission
    For Your Soul
  • Dream

    by Ana B 02-02-2006
    Lost: After following him into the jungle and being held captive by the Others, Kate sees that Jack is pushing her away. Now, she finally realizes how fragile their connection really is...
  • Getting Away

    by Ana B 11-29-2005
    Lost: Sawyer is getting away with murder...
    Getting Away
  • Fatal Desire

    by Ana B 11-20-2005
    Lost: This video focuses on Shannons grief and how hard it is for her to let go of Boone... features Shannon/Boone and Shannon/Sayid
    Fatal Desire
  • Choices - a C/C movie trailer

    by Ana B 11-11-2005
    Lost: A year before the crash, Charlie and Claire were a couple... after his drug addiction is revealed, the relationship starts to fall apart. But Charlie suddenly panics after Claire tells him she is pregnant, leaving her for good...
    Choices - a C/C movie trailer
  • Saving Me

    by Ana B 10-25-2005
    Lost: This is a Kate/Jack video... Kate being the main focus of it! Looking back on her life as a fugitive, she realizes how desperately she needs someone to rescue her... but is Jack willing to do it?!
    Saving Me
  • Beauty in the Breakdown

    by Ana B 10-22-2005
    Lost: A general overview of my 3 LOST OTPs... Charlie/Claire Jack/Kate and Sayid/Shannon
    Beauty in the Breakdown
  • Hold On

    by Ana B 10-14-2005
    Lost: A Charlie/Claire AU video! Before the plane crash, Charlie had already met Claire on a trip to Australia with his band. Despite having feeling for each other, their relationship never developed into something more, since Claire believed Charlie was not r
    Hold On
  • The Triangle trailer

    by Ana B 10-07-2005
    Lost: A fanmade trailer for the Jack/Kate/Sawyer love triangle... Features a movie poster
    The Triangle trailer
  • Blind

    by Ana B 09-28-2005
    Lost: A Charlie/Claire AU video! Charlie had been in love with Claire for a long time, but he has never actually told her. After killing Ethan, all the pain and guilt eventually grow stronger, forcing Charlie to abandon the one he cares the most...
  • Charlie/Claire Trailer

    by Ana B 09-21-2005
    Lost: A fanmade trailer for Charlie/Claire!
    Charlie/Claire Trailer
  • Until the day I die

    by Ana B 09-21-2005
    Lost: The video focuses on Boone and Shannons unstable love and hate relationship, leading to Boones sudden death during season 1!
    Until the day I die
  • If you could only see

    by Ana B 09-14-2005
    Lost: A Charlie/Claire AU video! Charlie and Claire are finally together... but somehow, the other castaways do not seem to approve their new relationship, specially due to all the mysterious events that have happened to Claire on the island! Charlie gets very
    If you could only see
  • Everybodys Fool

    by Ana B 09-09-2005
    Lost: Sawyer feels betrayed after finding out Kate was the prisioner on the plane, specially because she has been hiding it and pretending to be someone else!
    Everybodys Fool
  • Innocence

    by Ana B 09-06-2005
    Lost: The island has put the castaways to the test many times! Eventually, they come to realize that they have all lost something together...
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