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AlcoholicPixie (Kayla Gregson)

Username: AlcoholicPixie
Alternate Name: Kayla Gregson
Vidder Rank: Expert Vidder
Other Fandoms: Supernatural, Movie Fandoms
Website: http://www.supernaturalvideostation.co.uk
Email: kayla.gregson@googlemail.comLVI
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AlcoholicPixie's Videos

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  • Shape Of My Heart

    by AlcoholicPixie 08-13-2007
    Lost: August 2007 contest 2nd place winner! A Sun character study.
    Shape Of My Heart
  • Webs

    by AlcoholicPixie 08-10-2007
    Lost: July 2007 contest 2nd place winner! A study of different relationships in Kate's life and how, though she never meant them to turn out badly, somehow they have a habit of doing just that.
  • I Won't Be There

    by AlcoholicPixie 05-09-2007
    Lost: March 2007 Contest Submission. A video exploring the fact that since she stepped onto Flight 815, crashed on an island and gave birth to her son, Claire Littleton's life changed completely.
    I Won't Be There
  • Facing The Demons

    by AlcoholicPixie 04-09-2007
    Lost: When Eko was a child his adoptive mother Shannon died of a terminal illness leaving him and his adoptive father Sayid broken hearted and alienated from one another. Twenty years later Eko returns to the island on which they lived to face his demons. Clips
    Facing The Demons
  • Where Will You Go

    by AlcoholicPixie 02-21-2007
    Lost: A Shannon character-study
    Where Will You Go
  • Vengeance

    by AlcoholicPixie 02-09-2007
    Lost: A Kill Bill and Lost crossover vid, to show the similarities between Sawyer and the Bride. Done in the style of a trailer. January 2007 Contest Submission
  • Sick

    by AlcoholicPixie 02-02-2007
    Lost: A short, slightly AU video about what can happen when our obsessions get the better of us.
  • Cry Out

    by AlcoholicPixie 02-02-2007
    Lost: A feel-good video exploring how different characters have overcome their problems. Made by request for buffyfan145
    Cry Out
  • New Years' Resolutions

    by AlcoholicPixie 01-09-2007
    Lost: Ben, Juliet and Pickett make their New Years' Resolutions. December 2006 contest 3rd place winner!
    New Years' Resolutions
  • Getting Away With Murder

    by AlcoholicPixie 01-01-2007
    Lost: An Ana-Lucia character study. Enjoy!
    Getting Away With Murder
  • These Walls

    by AlcoholicPixie 12-11-2006
    Lost: A Desmond character study. Took me quite a while, but I'm very pleased with it. Enjoy!
    These Walls
  • Seven Heavenly Virtues

    by AlcoholicPixie 11-22-2006
    Lost: This is the long-awaited follow-up to my Seven Deadly Sins vid. I love Sony Vegas! Again, slightly more manic and 'whirlwind' than I'd have liked, but I think it works. I really enjoyed making it and it's finally finished, so please enjoy and comment!
    Seven Heavenly Virtues
  • Seven Deadly Sins

    by AlcoholicPixie 10-12-2006
    Lost: All of them are guilty... and one by one they pay for their sins...
    Seven Deadly Sins
  • Any Other Name

    by AlcoholicPixie 09-20-2006
    Lost: All you need to know before you watch: it's my take on Romeo and Juliet, and it's AU. My first vid using Sony Vegas 6.0, so be nice! :D Enjoy
    Any Other Name
  • Lonely Girl

    by AlcoholicPixie 09-14-2006
    Lost: Just an angsty little vid about Kate, Sun and Claire.
    Lonely Girl
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