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Username: Aislynn
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Email: onceuponatime909@hotmail.comLVI
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Bio: I LOVE vids -- both watching and creating them! My animation effects are created with Paintshop Pro and Animation Shop. "Vertigo" to "Hit The Road, Jack" were made with Windows Movie Maker 1, "Wanted Dead Or Alive" to "Saving Sun" were made with WMM version 2, and "Station Bawitdaba" and on were made with Sony Vegas Movie Studio 6.0. ~Aislynn

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Aislynn's Videos

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  • Glad You Came || Eowyn/Aragorn

    by Aislynn 06-19-2012
    Lord of the Rings: The sun goes down, the stars come out and all that counts is here and now... An upbeat look at Eowyn's feelings for Aragorn. Made for Heather!
    Glad You Came || Eowyn/Aragorn
  • How We Operate || Holmes/Watson

    by Aislynn 06-19-2012
    Elementary: Turn a new page, tear the old one out, and I'll try to see things your way... A short tribute to Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson from the upcoming series Elementary.
    How We Operate || Holmes/Watson
  • A Broken Heart Is Blind

    by Aislynn 05-12-2012
    Shutter Island: As past and present, reality and hallucinations all begin to intertwine and unravel, US Marshal Teddy Daniels searches for the truth about Shutter Island. And for the truth about himself.
    A Broken Heart Is Blind
  • The Pure and the Tainted

    by Aislynn 04-26-2012
    Tron: Tron vs Rinzler. The prize... the soul of one program. A character study comparison of Tron across the original 1982 movie and Legacy.
    The Pure and the Tainted
  • Ten/Donna || Pieces

    by Aislynn 04-26-2012
    Doctor Who: I come to you in pieces, so you can make me whole... All the Tenth Doctor really needed was to get his Donna back.
    Ten/Donna || Pieces
  • Doctor/Rose || The Dance

    by Aislynn 04-26-2012
    Doctor Who: The Doctor (Nine and Ten) thinks back on his time with Rose. Made by request for my LJ friend Amy.
    Doctor/Rose || The Dance
  • Emma/Shaw || Off To The Races

    by Aislynn 04-06-2012
    X-Men: "My old man is a bad man but I can't deny the way he holds my hand..." Just because they're evil, that doesn't mean they can't be in love, right? A slight reimagining of Emma and Shaw's relationship.
    Emma/Shaw || Off To The Races
  • Thor/Jane || Trouble

    by Aislynn 03-11-2012
    Thor: Thor is *exactly* the sort of trouble Jane is interested in... ;) Password is thoristrouble
    Thor/Jane || Trouble
  • Lara Croft || Let It Rock

    by Aislynn 01-27-2012
    Tomb Raider: A rock'em, sock'em Lara Croft character study. Password: laracroft
    Lara Croft || Let It Rock
  • The Master/Rose | Fever

    by Aislynn 01-23-2012
    Doctor Who: An AU tale of the Tenth Doctor's regeneration gone very wrong.
    The Master/Rose | Fever
  • Sparkle and Shine

    by Aislynn 01-16-2012
    G.I. Joe: A fast-paced, action-oriented look at the Baroness and Storm Shadow doing what they do best -- causing havoc, kicking butt and taking names. ;)
    Sparkle and Shine
  • Donna Noble | Short Skirt, Long Jacket

    by Aislynn 01-10-2012
    Doctor Who: A tribute to the fabulousness of Donna Noble from the Tenth Doctor's point of view. One of my older vids but still a sentimental favorite of mine. ;)
    Donna Noble | Short Skirt, Long Jacket
  • Jack/Rose || Hey Soul Sister

    by Aislynn 01-03-2012
    Doctor Who: A little Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler Secret Santa vid for Eryn! Password: tardis
    Jack/Rose || Hey Soul Sister
  • Collide

    by Aislynn 12-31-2011
    Doctor Who: Waaaay back when all we had were the first two trailers for series 5, I made this shippy little vidlet. I didn't end up shipping Eleven/Amy but I still think of this one fondly. If you watch, I hope you enjoy. ;)
  • Gene/Alex || All Fall Down

    by Aislynn 12-26-2011
    Ashes To Ashes: Gene just wants to be Alex's knight in tarnished armor.
    Gene/Alex || All Fall Down
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