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adelicateflower (Amy)

Username: adelicateflower
Alternate Name: Amy
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Other Fandoms: Lost, Spartacus, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Hell On Wheels, and various movies.
Website: http://youtube.com/adelicateflower08
Email: paranormalfan@gmail.comLVI
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Bio: Just a girl who loves video editing. Please subscribe to me on YouTube if you like my work.

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  • What Else Is There?

    by adelicateflower 06-03-2009
    Lost: Once upon a time Jack and Kate were happy, but soon drug addiction and secrets tore them apart. Now that it's over what else is there left to fight for?
    What Else Is There?
  • Soulmates Never Die

    by adelicateflower 05-18-2009
    Lost: Sawyer and Juliet's love story all the way to the very end...one day they will be together again because 'soulmates never die'.
    Soulmates Never Die
  • Die For You

    by adelicateflower 05-11-2009
    Lost: Sawyer and Juliet have a special love...they would die for one another.
    Die For You
  • AU Kate and Sawyer-What Hurts The Most

    by adelicateflower 04-06-2009
    Lost: Back on the island Kate and Sawyer were anticipating the birth of their child, and happy in love. Rescue comes and the helicopter starts leaking fuel. Sawyer jumps to his death so Kate can survive. Kate is reminded of him everyday when she looks at their
    AU Kate and Sawyer-What Hurts The Most
  • AU Kate and Jack -All I Need-

    by adelicateflower 03-26-2009
    Lost: AU: Kate and Jack are now married, but Kate is having doubts. She's getting that restless feeling...she wants to run. She needs Jack to reassure her of their love. He is all she needs
    AU Kate and Jack -All I Need-
  • Jack Shephard Character Study-All That I'm Living For

    by adelicateflower 03-17-2009
    Lost: Video explores the character of Jack Shephard. It shows how Jacks life fell to pieces once he left the island. His obsession with the island cost him his job, his relationship with Kate, and a drug addiction. All of it became too much which drives Jack to
    Jack Shephard Character Study-All That I'm Living For
  • Suliet-Goddess Of Mine

    by adelicateflower 03-13-2009
    Lost: A Sawyer and Juliet montage.
    Suliet-Goddess Of Mine

    by adelicateflower 03-11-2009
    Lost: March 2009 contest submission My entry for the LVI March Contest. My first and probably last attempt at making one of these lol. Hope everyone likes!
  • Sawyer/Juliet/Kate-Stay

    by adelicateflower 03-07-2009
    Lost: Is three years really enough time to get over someone? Now that Kate is back on the island, Juliet is afraid that Sawyer will go back to her. She want's him to stay with her. Meanwhile, Sawyer is having memories of both women. He picks Juliet in the e
  • Jack and Kate-Already Gone by ADF Productions

    by adelicateflower 03-03-2009
    Lost: Kate has realized that her and Jack are not meant to be. She want's him to move on with his life because she is 'already gone'.
    Jack and Kate-Already Gone by ADF Productions
  • Kate/Sawyer-Forgive Me

    by adelicateflower 02-23-2009
    Lost: Video is sort of episodic. It's a Kate POV that focuses on season 3 when Pickett almost kills Sawyer. *Blue Tinted Scenes are Kate's memories* Kate thinks that Pickett is going to kill Sawyer so she starts remembering things that she has said or done to h
    Kate/Sawyer-Forgive Me
  • AU: Sawyer/Kate/Aaron

    by adelicateflower 02-09-2009
    Lost: First chorus is a Sawyer POV. Sawyer jumps off of the helicopter so Kate can go home. Back on the island he's going crazy without her. Her memories are playing around in his head. He'll do anything to get her back to the island again. Second chorus starts
    AU: Sawyer/Kate/Aaron
  • AU-Kate/Sawyer-Memories

    by adelicateflower 02-02-2009
    Lost: AU: Kate and Sawyer are on their way home. The helicopter starts to leak fuel and the only way they'll make it home is if someone jumps off. Sawyer sacrifices himself for Kate so that she can go home. Sawyer whispers in her ear to promise him to go on
  • Sawyer/Kate-Over and Over

    by adelicateflower 01-26-2009
    Lost: When it comes to Kate, Sawyer is weak. He let's her use him over and over again knowing that she's in love with Jack. Each time she makes him fall all over again. He can't help it though...he loves her.
    Sawyer/Kate-Over and Over
  • Jack and Kate -Closer

    by adelicateflower 01-20-2009
    Lost: Slightly AU: Jack and Kate are now off the Island. Jack has kept a secret from Kate...he has developed a drug addiction. He asks Kate to marry him and she accepts. She later finds out about his addiction and breaks the engagement with him. Jack can't live
    Jack and Kate -Closer
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