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  • all these things

    by PsychoCynic 02-06-2017
    Merlin: A tribute to the show, Merlin. -- The story that we have been a part of will live long in the minds of men..
    all these things

    4 Votes

  • hearts ever thinning

    by PsychoCynic 05-28-2017
    Merlin: I am your saviour; your last-serving daughter. - Morgana's heartbreaking descent into madness.
    hearts ever thinning
    2 Votes
  • immerse your soul (in love)

    by PsychoCynic 08-30-2017
    The Living and The Dead: Nathan Appleby and his wife return to his rustic English home in 1894, where he soon begins seeing figures he believes are ghosts, including that of his little boy who drowned years before. And yet, despite everything, he still can't let go of Gabriel.
    immerse your soul (in love)
    2 Votes
  • Run Girl Run

    by PsychoCynic 02-04-2018
    Inglourious Basterds: Shoshanna may have had to run, but it doesn't stop her from getting her revenge.
    Run Girl Run
    1 Vote
  • So Sad, So Lonely

    by PsychoCynic 02-04-2018
    Dead Like Me: Meet Mason: a degenerate, pathetic, and overall, hot mess, of a grim reaper. (And we can't help but love him for it!)
    So Sad, So Lonely
    1 Vote
  • something just like this

    by PsychoCynic 03-27-2018
    Merlin: Legendary or ordinary, this is the story we love and the one that will stay with us.
    something just like this
    1 Vote
  • start over (again)

    by PsychoCynic 364 days ago
    Thor: this time we'll get it right... --- AKA, a brotherhood is mended.
    start over (again)
    1 Vote
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