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Dojh167 (Sam)

Username: Dojh167
Alternate Name: Sam
Vidder Rank: Expert Vidder
Other Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hannibal, Black Sails, Jessica Jones
Email: dojh167@gmail.comLVI
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  • Angel

    by Dojh167 02-14-2009
    Lost: A Claire character study exploring Claire's life-long search to find a place where she truly belongs.
  • Crazy for Christmas Trailer

    by Dojh167 01-03-2009
    Lost: December 2008 Contest Submission. Whew! A crossover with the holiday film Crazy for Christmas, featuring Juliet Burke, James 'Sawyer' Ford, and, yes, Benjamin Linus!
    Crazy for Christmas Trailer
  • Under the Sea

    by Dojh167 08-30-2008
    Lost: August 2008 contest submission. Locke tries to persuade Jack out of leaving the island, warning him that, despite the good and the bad, the Oceanic Six are far better on the island than off.
    Under the Sea
  • So Desperately

    by Dojh167 07-12-2008
    Lost: Shannon, despite any denial which she may hide behind, finally has to admit that she does care for Boone more than anybody has ever known. But will she be able to tell him how she really feels?
    So Desperately
  • Nothing Better

    by Dojh167 06-17-2008
    Lost: Jack struggles to carry on his relationship with Kate after they escape from the island, but when things start to get out of control Kate realizes that she must put her foot down.
    Nothing Better
  • I'll Make a Man Out of You

    by Dojh167 06-15-2008
    Lost: Ben attempts to prepare the losties for battle against those coming to the island, only to find that they are all entirely hopeless... or so it seems.
    I'll Make a Man Out of You
  • my immortal

    by Dojh167 06-07-2008
    Lost: Sun finds herself unable to cope with Jin's death, even to the point of doubting her own sanity.
    my immortal
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