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Contest: Love Is A Fairy Tale      Deadline: August 31st

The Winners

  • The One

    by emmasholi 08-27-2014
    Multifandom: July 2014 contest 1st place winner! A fluffy multi-couples vid, from Disney films based on fairytales.
    The One

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    July/August 2014
    Contest: Love Is A Fairy Tale
    Deadline: August 31st

    The Details

    We all know them from our childhood days when our parents or grandparents used to read them to us at bedtime. From the Disney classics that, to the very day, make our heart smile. And nowadays, the TV and film industry has also re-discovered them, to the greatest pleasure and joy of us all: Stories about fairy tale relationships.

    This month, we would like you to make a vid about a fairy tale relationship. Whether you focus on a romantic relationship like the one between Snow White and the Huntsman, on family love like Emma and her son Henry on the TV show Once Upon A Time or on a (unlikely) friendship like the one between a certain green Ogre and a certain talking donkey that's entirely up to you!

    Here's the twist though:
    You have to use a song sung by a duo/duet that fits best to describe your chosen relationship (e.g. The Civil Wars).

    Here are some links that may help you with your song choice:

    We are looking forward to seeing your submissions! Have fun!

    The Rules

    Specific Contest Rules:

    - Make a video about a fairy tale relationship (love, family, friendship).
    - Please use a song sung by a duo/duet to describe your chosen relationship.
    - Multi-fandom vids are ok as long as they are focused on the same type of fairy tale relationship.
    - No AU or trailers please!
    - Running time should be no longer than 5 minutes. We suggest the 3 - 5 minute range.
    - The more creative, the better. Don't be afraid to take risks.
    - When entering your video on the Submit page, you MUST enter "July 2014 contest submission" exactly in your vid's description.

    General Contest Rules:

    - Contest submissions should be entered through the Submit page.
    - All regular submissions Rules apply.
    - Only one entry per vidder.
    - Videos already submitted and RELEVANT can be submitted again, but we would rather see something fresh. (Please contact a CM if you wish to enter a previously-submitted video)
    - Please do not use Rapidshare or Yousendit as your only hosting place.
    - If you're using Youtube as your primary link, please also provide us with an alternative link. Far too often, YT is either disabled or muted by the time the contest is ready to be judged. Mediafire and Sendspace are just a couple of the sites out there that can be used as reliable backup links.
    - Keep in mind that however you choose to host your video, it must be available to be watched at least until after the deadline has passed. If we can not access your video at the time of judgment it will not be considered.
    - Have fun!

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