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February 2014

Contest: Love is a Battlefield      Deadline: February 28th

The Winners

  • Devil's Backbone (Carrie&Brody)

    by soapbubbles511 01-01-2014
    Homeland: Don't care if he's guilty, don't care if he's not // He's good and he's bad and he's all that I've got February 2014 contest 1st place winner!
    Devil's Backbone (Carrie&Brody)
  • I've Loved... And I've Lost - Saul & Ellen Tigh

    by KajaM 03-04-2014
    Battlestar Galactica: February 2014 contest 2nd place winner! SPOILERS! Saul killed his wife Ellen for collaborating with the enemy, the humanoid Cylons - not knowing that they're Cylons themselves. While he griefs and is haunted by his memories of her, Ellen resurrects...
    I've Loved... And I've Lost - Saul & Ellen Tigh
  • Touch - Alex&Piper

    by nikkimonique 07-24-2013
    Orange Is The New Black: February 2014 contest 3rd place winner! - Just a little vid about my new favorite couple on Orange is the New Black
    Touch - Alex&Piper

The Others (Oooohhhh) In no particular order

February 2014
Contest: Love is a Battlefield
Deadline: March 4th - extended!

The Details:

They say that love isn't perfect, but some romances are downright warped! Sometimes, though, even the most tortured relationships have a touching, emotional side. This month, instead of focusing on fairytale romances, we want you to show us a messed up relationship--but there's a catch! We also want to see the beautiful side of the relationship. Convince us that this screwed up ship is worth shipping!

But wait! That's not all! As an optional bonus challenge, we would love to see you use color and texture to create an atmosphere which matches the tone of the relationship. This is purely optional, but if you impress us, it just might score you an extra point or two.

Have fun! We're excited to see all the entries!

The Rules

Specific Contest Rules:

- Make a video about a screwed up relationship and show us the beautiful side, too.
- Focus on a single relationship
- AUs are allowed
- Running time should be no longer than 5 minutes. We suggest the 3 - 5 minute range.
- The more creative, the better. Don't be afraid to take risks.
- When entering your video on the Submit page, you MUST enter "February 2014 contest submission" exactly in your vid's description.

General Contest Rules:

- Contest submissions should be entered through the Submit page
- All regular submissions Rules apply.
- Only one entry per vidder
- Videos already submitted and RELEVANT can be submitted again, but we would rather see something fresh. (Please contact a CM if you wish to enter a previously-submitted video)
- Please do not use Rapidshare or Yousendit as your only hosting place.
- If you're using Youtube as your primary link, please also provide us with an alternative link. Far too often, YT is either disabled or muted by the time the contest is ready to be judged. Mediafire, zshare and Megaupload are just a few of the sites out there that can be used as reliable backup links.
- Keep in mind that however you choose to host your video, it must be available to be watched at least until after the deadline has passed. If we can not access your video at the time of judgment it will not be considered.
- Have fun!

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