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Chate (Kate & Charlie)

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  • Out With The Waste || Chate || For Jemmz

    by littleton_pace 12-13-2010
    Kate leads a dangerous party life of drugs & drinking. Then she meets her apparent soul mate, Charlie, who is as just into partying as she is, but when Charlie decides he wants to better his life, Kate is less than pleased.
    Out With The Waste || Chate || For Jemmz
  • Poprocks & Coke

    by Uruviel 01-29-2009
    A fluffy Chate vid!
    Poprocks & Coke
  • How Soon Is Now

    by Freckles08 10-13-2008
    October 2008 Contest Submission. AU If kate can't have charlie then nobody can!
    How Soon Is Now
  • Kill Me, Kate

    by Jemmz 08-15-2008
    Kate marries ex rockstar Charlie. Little does he know that Kate is involved in a con with Sawyer to kill the former Rock God off and claim his fortune. Unexpectedly, Sawyer and Kate's con doesn't go exactly to plan and Charlie is very much alive
    Kill Me, Kate
  • Charlie/Kate-Grow Old With You

    by Wickedgal 06-09-2008
    Charlie loves Kate but she doesn't love him and keeps messing him around. He moves on with Claire but suddenly Kate doesn't like it. It takes Charlie nearly dying to see how perfect he is for her but will he come back to her?
    Charlie/Kate-Grow Old With You
  • Hey There Delilah - Charlie/Kate AU

    by khaleesi 05-21-2008
    Charlie and Kate were together on the island, but when the chance came to leave, he decided to stay. Right as she left he began to regret his decision. Broken-hearted, they both dwell on memories of each other, wishing they'd made a different choice.
    Hey There Delilah - Charlie/Kate AU
  • Mr Brightside

    by Natz 05-10-2008
    Charlie and Kate are in a relationship until Kate starts having an affair with Sawyer. Charlie starts getting suspicious and eventually Kate comes clean. But what Kate doesn't know is that Charlie has moved on. Thanks to jemma for her help.
    Mr Brightside
  • Ladies' Choice

    by Pendora-lass 12-19-2007
    Slightly AU. Charlies brief moment in the rock n roll spotlight went to his head somewhat and for a while he fancied himself somewhat of a ladies man. After the crash, however, he realizes that he's actually intended for one little lady in particular.
    Ladies' Choice
  • They Won't Understand

    by Jemmz 08-18-2007
    Chate video- More detailed plot explanation in thread.
    They Won't Understand
  • Crazy

    by domaholic17 03-11-2007
    February 2007 contest submission. Charlie doesn't come through with a jealous attempt to end Sawyer's life. Sawyer kills Charlie so that he won't ever disturb him and Kate again. Kate misses Charlie and goes crazy, then does something she regrets.
  • Not That Girl

    by luvforsawyer 06-06-2006
    AU: Kate is in love with Charlie but knows he loves Claire
    Not That Girl
  • Forgotten

    by Kate. 06-03-2006
    An AU Charlie/Kate video
  • You Got A Friend In Me

    by Pendora-lass 05-25-2006
    A tribute to the simple non-romantical friendship that Kate and Charlie share.
    You Got A Friend In Me
  • Lost - K/C/J Trailer

    by cclsf 03-20-2006
    AU Trailer.
    Lost - K/C/J Trailer
  • When The Sun Goes Down

    by Lost.With.Charlie 03-09-2006
    A Charlie and kate vid!
    When The Sun Goes Down
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