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Edward Cullen

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  • Edward and Bella- For better or for worse

    by Wildcat 09-05-2012
    a quick video with some fast effects and try something a bit different. Nothing too special but it's just to have fun with. Vimeo password is betterworse
    Edward and Bella- For better or for worse
  • Breaking Inside

    by Aislynn 11-26-2011
    The vid equivalent of a drabble about Edward's thoughts as he prepared to step into the sunlight in New Moon. Made for Heather.
    Breaking Inside
  • Waiting For You

    by Sheree 11-08-2011
    Video on Edward and Bella
    Waiting For You
  • Twilight-Edward and Bella

    by Wildcat 10-15-2011
    This is just a short video about Bella and Edward. Sorry about the size of it, Sony Vegas messed up and made it a bit smaller than I wanted it.
    Twilight-Edward and Bella
  • Don't Stop Believing

    by elfmaiden 06-29-2011
    Bella finds Edward!
    Don't Stop Believing
  • How Do You Leave The One You Love

    by elfmaiden 06-29-2011
    Story - BASED ON 'TWILIGHT', Bella and Edward each know that there love is wrong and can't last but they choose to ignore their instincts each wondering how they could ever leave the one they love (each other), untill Bella realises that their love just i
    How Do You Leave The One You Love
  • Iris

    by Uruviel 06-16-2011
    Edward wants Bella to know who he really is.
  • Alien Like You

    by emmasholi 06-11-2011
    Bella just wants Edward to let her become 'alien' like him, so that they can be together forever.
    Alien Like You
1-8 of 8 Videos 1