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Susie Suh

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  • Here With Me || Lost Kids AU

    by skies_falling 04-18-2017
    Multifandom: Lost: The Next Generation For Macaila.
    Here With Me || Lost Kids AU
  • Stay - Part 2 (kuliet/violet)

    by littleton_pace 05-27-2010
    Lost: Kate's decision to keep her child delivers reactions she didn't expect from both Juliet, who struggles with the truth that the child was conceived from an affair, and Violet; who might just be falling in love with her patient.
    Stay - Part 2 (kuliet/violet)
  • Kuliet - All I Want

    by nikkimonique 06-22-2008
    Lost: Kate is with Jack but she also is in love with Juliet and is torn between a life she thinks she should want and one that would make her truly happy. Which one will she choose? Thanks go to Kait for the spectacular vid pic!
    Kuliet - All I Want
1-3 of 3 Videos 1