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Marina and the Diamonds

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  • Primadonna Daisy

    by PsychoCynic 02-13-2016
    Dead Like Me: Daisy Adair's a primadonna girl, but one of the most complex you've seen. Festivids 2015 vid.
    Primadonna Daisy
  • A New Start

    by PsychoCynic 02-12-2012
    Ringer: She's not who he thinks she is and she doesn't know him at all. She's a fraud, but he's credulous, and together they're mending the pieces of their marriage (and falling in love along the way).
    A New Start
  • Oh No!

    by Jemmz 12-15-2010
    Lost: Ana-Lucia character study for a friend's wishlist :)
    Oh No!
1-3 of 3 Videos 1