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Christina Aguilera

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  • Save Me From Myself

    by starryeyesxx 07-02-2012
    Lost: Just a little Jack/Kate video, but I experimented around with the effects a bit to try and create a calm, content mood.
    Save Me From Myself
  • Lost: Ain't No Other Man But Richard!

    by Spikefan74 06-23-2009
    Lost: A Richard Alpert Music Video
    Lost: Ain't No Other Man But Richard!
  • Lost - Kate - Fighter (Christina Aguilera)

    by eleprue 08-31-2008
    Lost: This is my sixth video. I edited it with Windows Movie Maker on Windows Vista. I hope you like it. Comments are appreciated. ^_____^
    Lost - Kate - Fighter (Christina Aguilera)
  • Sawyer/Kate - Hurt

    by ToxicTrashAlarm 07-28-2008
    Lost: Sawyer jumped out of the rescue helicopter so Kate could get off the island, Kate (now back at home) is missing Sawyer terribly and remembers all of their moments. Is he still alive? Slightly AU. Vid pic by Kat.
    Sawyer/Kate - Hurt
  • Save me from myself

    by Manon 01-25-2008
    Lost: My first jate-vid! (I'm a big skater you know) anyway; Jack is gonna save Kate from herself...
    Save me from myself
  • If Only I Knew - Hurt

    by ostia2006 01-10-2008
    Lost: Warning. Character death. This is an AU fan music video. Alex wishes she could take back what she said to her father. Now it is to late. By hurting him she has hurt herself. I hope we get a chance in Season 4 to see how their relationship disintegrated
    If Only I Knew  -  Hurt
  • Fighter

    by janie123 07-29-2007
    Lost: This video shows Kate fighting and thinking back on the men in her life, and what they've put her through which all builds up to the person she is now. I know this song has been made for Kate videos before, but I've tried to make mine original. This is my
  • Kate to Fighter

    by jchamb03 07-29-2007
    Lost: This is a Kate centric video. Clips come from Season 1 and 2 of Lost.
    Kate to Fighter
  • Fighter

    by charmed_charlee 07-04-2007
    Lost: June 2007 contest submission AU Sawyer has conned everyone on the island but he hurt Kate most and because of the hurt and the pain it made her into a fighter. She hates Sawyer for everything he has done to her and she doesn't like who she has become beca
  • We're a Miracle - A PB&J Tribute

    by Lostwithoutdom 06-22-2007
    Lost: Rescue is coming for the survivors of flight 815, but there is still no word on weather Charlie is alive. While waiting for news about Charlie, Claire remembers all the wonderful memories they made together on the island.
    We're a Miracle - A PB&J Tribute
  • Hurt Jate Story

    by Charlie13 12-19-2006
    Lost: Kate and Jack are torn as Kate is forced to choose.
    Hurt Jate Story
  • The Right Man

    by winifredburkle 12-05-2006
    Lost: Kate finally finds Mr. Right, but she runs him down by over powering him with love.
    The Right Man
  • Everyone gets hurt sometimes

    by eve_x 12-03-2006
    Lost: Sawyer and Kate´s flashback stories reflecting who they are today, and why they fit so well together.
    Everyone gets hurt sometimes
  • Hurt

    by LostFreakJ 11-07-2006
    Lost: A tribute to Ana Lucia.
  • Aint No Other Man

    by Ethans BFF 07-14-2006
    Lost: Sawyer is the only man for Kate...
    Aint No Other Man
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